The Brass in the Five

Brass in the Five was formed in 1992, by a lucky chance.The Academy of Music in Budapest was asked to arrange a concert for Queen Elizabeth II for her visit to Hungary. As it is well known that the British monarch likes brass music, the choice fell on a brass quintet. Five outstanding students – later Brass in the Five – were picked by their teacher and sent to the royal concert. At the time the five talented young musicians little suspected that this twist of fate would join and bond them together for many long years to come. After the successful performance the Queen personally congratulated them, saying, ,,I hope I will meet this brilliant ensemble again.’’ As a mark of respect for her majesty, the musicians chose an English name and for the last twenty years have been delighting audiences with their individual sound at their varied, out-of-the-ordinary concerts under the name Brass in the Five. Numerous composers and world renowned artists have been inspired by their playing: Péter Eötvös, József Sári, Gábor Lehotka †, Péter Tóth, Gergely Vajda, Balázs Horváth, István Márta, József Gregor†, Kolos Kováts, Veronika Kincses, Ingrid Kertesi, György Vukán. 8 CDs have been released in the most varied styles. They have appeared at all the main concert venues in Hungary, and made many radio and TV recordings. Their careers to date have taken them not only around Hungary but also to many parts of the world to popularise Hungarian brass chamber music. Audiences in Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and China have shared the lasting experience provided by their concerts. They were founder members of the contemporary ensemble UMZE (New Hungarian Music Society).


In 1997 they won first prize at the Polanica Zdroj international chamber music competition. In 2000 they were awarded the Artisjus performer’s prize. At the Budapest Fringe Festival in 2008 their children’s theatre production ,,Brass Circus’’ won the professional jury’s grand prize and a special prize from the children’s jury. In 2009 their show „Let’s go to Rio!” earned two awards at the Budapest Fringe+ Festival. Their own arrangements embellished by the inimitable Brass in the Five sound are true delights.

For event organisers:

- As a cultural event for conferences and corporate events, a cheerful compilation of classical music or jazz.

- Fanfares for ceremonial openings and music befitting other occasions.